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Over three decades, Florida’s attorneys, government agencies, corporations, small businesses and individuals have relied on Signed Sealed & Delivered for reliable legal support and private investigations. Fast, dependable process service, in-state and internationally. We serve, deliver and file in every Florida circuit and county court. You can rely on us to serve or deliver your legal papers to individuals, courthouses and businesses; to copy or retrieve documents on-site; and much more. Advance your case today, using the buttons below.

Signed, Sealed, & Delivered
Florida Process Servers and Private Investigators

Our Services

Service of Process

We are a Florida process service company, with six regional offices from Tallahassee to Miami-Dade. Registered and bonded Florida process servers are available for rush or routine service of your summons, complaint, restraining orders, subpoenas and more.

Document Delivery

As the fastest Florida process service company, we encourage Florida’s attorneys, law firms, and individuals to arrange document delivery with certified Florida process servers whenever possible. We e-file for you online when available, or hand-deliver documents in person.

Private Investigation

Licensed Florida private investigators  use proven legal tactics to solve cases anywhere in Florida as soon as possible. Describe your unique investigation needs and our fast and friendly legal experts will send you the findings as soon as possible (PDFs are available online).

All Courthouse Needs

Legal professionals rely on our process service company to serve all documents in Florida. Our Florida process servers access county court records and databases to help build your case, or domesticate documents for service into and out of Florida.

Process Service

Our track record for expertise and customer service would be hard to match. A leading Florida process server, Signed, Sealed & Delivered sets the standard for fastest and most accurate statewide process service. Our process servers track legal changes, adjust tactics and practices to Florida law and court rules, and get the job done precisely and efficiently. Our statewide network of offices can serve any location fast.


    Subpoena Preparation​

    NEW SERVICE! We are now offering subpoena preparation and deposition officer services. Rush jobs or routine, our document preparation service requires a case caption, the record holder’s name and address, and a list of parties and/or attorneys for serving notice. We do deposition AND trial subpoenas. If your proof of service needs to be filed at the courthouse, we can file it through the Florida e-Filing portal, via dropbox or court runner, as each courthouse requires. As discovery cutoffs approach, we are used to rush jobs, and can process production demands in the minimum time allowed by Florida law.


      Court Record Research ​

      Florida process servers at Signed, Sealed, and Delivered can access information to impact your court case immediately. Whether you’re looking for felony convictions, misdemeanors, fraudulent lawsuits, money embezzlement, or worse, the answers can be yours and this truth can affect your case tremendously. An experienced process service company can find new information to defend you against your opponent’s strongest arguments in court.


        Court Filing​

        You can remotely arrange for court documents to be filed quickly at any court in any county statewide by choosing the rush delivery option. Our Florida process service company organizes its offices for our Florida process servers to serve multiple locations at once. Registered, licensed, and bonded Florida process servers (experts in local and Florida state laws) complete the assignment for you immediately. Our process service company has so much experience in Florida that there’s no place we haven’t served yet!


          Private Investigation Services

          Our Florida private investigators research and solve cases in all 67 Florida counties. Private investigators at Signed, Sealed, and Delivered uncover facts that currently aren’t being used to influence the judge’s decision. The conclusions reached by a licensed Florida private investigator can quickly persuade a courtroom. Ask how we can support your court case by private investigation in Florida.


            Process Service by Publication

            Florida’s leading process service company, Signed, Sealed, and Delivered, makes the legal process fast and simple. Our process service company does service of process by publication in all counties and abroad. Service by publication can be a much better way to publish legal notices against difficult defendants in Florida. When a defendant goes into hiding, you still have options through our process service company in Florida and internationally. Requirements vary by courthouse, but our Florida process servers are fairly priced. Additional options are available near you in Florida by Signed, Sealed, and Delivered.


              Court Messenger and Courier Services

              For 33 years, Signed, Sealed, and Delivered has hired and trained the most experienced court messengers and couriers in Florida. All members of our Florida process service company are licensed professional process servers for attorneys, individuals, and corporations alike. Process servers at Signed, Sealed, and Delivered move sensitive legal materials ranging from documents to physical evidence under the watchful eye of a licensed Florida professional. As experts of Florida process service with six offices spread across the state, any assignment in Florida can be completed in three business days or less.


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