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International Service of Process to Mexico

We’re closing in on half a century in business as international process servers. With 33 years of experience as an international process service company, government agencies, law firms, business organizations, celebrities, and more rely heavily on our experience. We serve other countries according to the Hague Service Convention and additional methods for countries that haven’t signed with The Hague nations. We’ve learned from experience that every country has its own rules in place that keep cases moving smoothly.

Only trust international process servers that have experience in the nations you need your papers served in. Otherwise, the assignment will be a great risk. Our goal as your international process service company is to push for the best results and bring that feeling of justice and relief back to your everyday life. It’s hard to find another international process service company and litigation support service for Mexico with a similar track record of expertise and customer service because our international process servers are the leaders by far. 

We’re able to communicate with foreign courts on your behalf and help collect difficult signatures for you if needed. The status of your service assignment is available at all times upon request through our online portal. If you’re approaching a deadline in your case, we may achieve an extension to allow you more time. International attorneys and law firms rely on us monthly to serve locations around the world quickly through our global network of registered, licensed, and bonded international process servers. 

Our global team makes fast and efficient process service possible no matter the location. From our corporate office in West Palm Beach, Florida, we facilitate the production and delivery of legal documents to any location. For immediate process service to Mexico, ask the experts at Signed, Sealed, and Delivered about your best options. Our experienced, licensed, and bonded Mexico process servers take any questions about your Mexico process service needs. Call on our process service company to make progress in your case today.

Process Service Procedures for Mexico


Mexico is a member of the Hague Service Convention; therefore, we work directly with the Central Authority to complete your process service request immediately. The Central Authority will make arrangements according to Mexico’s legal processes. Our process servers are aware of Mexico changing its process service policies so that the only formal method is Letters Rogatory. The Mexican government may create new roadblocks after your assignment is received, and fulfilling their demands may result in additional fees.

Once the assignment is received, licensed process servers will prepare your Letters Rogatory and Hague Service Convention forms and give them to you to be issued by the Clerk of your court. Then, you’ll return them to us for translation to Spanish before finally being shared with Mexico’s Central Authority. We do all we can to complete your assignment in 8 to 12 weeks or less.

Process Service Advantage: Enforcement of judgment in Mexico.

Disadvantage: The time frame is generally longer than the informal method.


Signed, Sealed, & Delivered also serves nations that haven’t signed the Hague Service Convention. In many cases, process service is handled similarly to the United States, but assignments take slightly longer to complete as customs, traditions, and differences in work habits present unforeseeable hurdles. Nonetheless, our experience serving the legal process overseas maintains our position as the fastest international process service company in Florida.

The majority of our Mexico process servers are off-duty police officers or government  officials brought on to exercise their official authority to complete your process service request as fast as possible. We do all we can to complete your assignment in less than four weeks.

Note about “personal” service: Personal service of process is uncommon in Mexico, and private security can prevent a process server’s access to the defendant. In such cases, we advise substituted service if anyone interferes with the delivery. Court orders for alternative service can be provided in advance if substitute service is not allowed by courts in the region.

Advantage: The time frame is generally shorter than the formal method.

Disadvantage: Judgment “may” not be enforceable in Mexico.


Legal documents are required to be translated into the official language of the country of service. It is recommended by the U.S. State Department that documents be translated, but this is only required during the formal process service method. In rare cases, a demurer may be filed if documents that have not been translated cannot be understood by the defendant. Our translation rates are provided below.

Pricing for Process Service to Mexico

Service of process*

Formal: $1000.00

Informal: $1,000.00

Service by Publication: $1500.00

International Rush Delivery: Call to request price details.

*All fees are per defendant/address

** Note: Services that are rejected by the Central Authority, due to changes they have recently imposed, are subject to additional charges, including translation.

Translation: $0.38 per word (proper nouns not translated)

Notary: not available in all countries. Inquire for cost and details. 

Copies: billed at local rates per page. Inquire for cost and details.

Special Messenger (Fed Ex, DHL, etc.): Billed at local rates if needed or requested.

How to Get Started Serving Legal Documents Internationally

Serve Your Legal Documents Internationally Now

As a One-Time User

To request a one-time process service assignment, these are the steps:

Process Service Tip: For a small fee, we can file your proof of service with any courthouse; just mention it during your process service request.

Step 1 – Complete the short process service request forms here:

Step 2 – You will receive an invoice by email, and we’ll begin your work once it’s paid.

Step 3 – We serve your legal documents fast and notify you online about completion.

Step 4 – Your downloadable Proof of Service is available in our online portal and easy to access.

Reminder: If you’d like us to file your Proof of Service formally (for a small fee), please ask during Step 1.

To Arrange Multiple Assignments as an Attorney, Law Firm, Insurance Company, Business Organization, or Government Agency

If you would like to become a client and use us on a regular basis, these are the steps:

Step 1 – Open an account with Signed, Sealed, & Delivered, and we’ll set you up with a username and password for instant access to our online portal. A bill will be sent according to the arrangements. To create an account with us, visit this link:

Step 2 – Upload any necessary documents to the online portal for us to work with them.

Step 3 – We will serve your documents ahead of any deadlines, taking full advantage of weekends and holidays until the service is complete.

Step 4 – The proof of service will be emailed to you.

Submit your Mexico process service request now for immediate legal support. Licensed Mexico process servers are ready to listen and provide the help you need to succeed in court. Call us today at 888 689 1127 with any questions about our process service company and capabilities in Mexico or elsewhere.

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