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Investigation Services

A Florida General Private Investigation Services Company Since 1988

With the help of a Private Firm, Signed, Sealed, and Delivered can produce a general private investigation to uncover new details about incidents in Florida. All investigations are conducted by highly-trained professional licensed investigators with specialized experience producing new information for cases in Florida. These investigations are held statewide for individuals and businesses alike.

The locate search, or “skip trace” is an effective means to uncover information in Florida about plaintiffs, defendants, witnesses, debtors, heirs, friends, relatives, or employees. An asset search (for individuals and businesses) is another fast method for finding hidden details for a lawsuit. Learn about the ownership of valuable property and other sources of income quickly by requesting a certified Florida legal professional from Sealed, Signed, and Delivered.

Background checks are another option that help tremendously with peace of mind in the workplace or elsewhere. These are commonly used by businesses, individuals, caregivers, business partners, employers, employees, significant others, and licensed professionals to create the safest spaces possible by keeping threats away. Another common investigation, often a legal life-saver, is the policy limit search. We’re able to verify insurance policy limits so that you (or someone else) is able to work within the bounds of the agreement safely. This service is also available to individuals and businesses without exception. A free consultation is available by completing the forms below.

Disclaimer: Licensed Florida investigators act on your behalf as supporters of litigation. More information is available upon request.

How to Get Started -- Begin Your Private Investigation in Florida Now

As a One-Time User:

To request a one-time Florida investigation service assignment, these are the steps:

Step 1 – Complete the short investigation service request forms here:

Step 2 – You will receive an invoice by email, and we’ll begin your work once it’s paid.

Step 3 – We serve your legal documents fast and notify you online about completion.

Step 4 – Your downloadable Proof of Service is available in our online portal and easy to access.

Reminder: If you’d like us to file your Proof of Service formally (for a small fee), please ask during Step 1.

To Arrange Multiple Assignments as an Attorney, Law Firm, Insurance Company, or Business Organization:

If you would like to become a client and use us on a regular basis, these are the steps:

Step 1 – Register an account with Signed, Sealed, & Delivered, and we’ll set you up with a username and password for instant access to our online portal. A bill will be sent according to the arrangements. To create an account with us, visit this link:

Step 2 – Upload any necessary documents to the online portal for us to work with them.

Step 3 – We will serve your documents ahead of any deadlines, taking full advantage of weekends and holidays until the service is complete.

Step 4 – The best part is the proof of service. You can download a copy directly from the online portal, or we can file it formally with the courts for you (there is a small fee).

Submit your Florida private investigation request now for immediate legal support. Licensed Florida private investigators are ready to listen and provide the help you need to succeed in court. Call us today at 888 689 1127 with any questions about our process investigation company and capabilities in Florida or elsewhere.

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