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Subpoena Preparation

Florida Subpoena Preparer —
Florida Subpoena Preparation Company

We Are Licensed and Experienced Florida Subpoena Preparers Since 1988

Every business, personal, or record subpoena service is a real accomplishment because no one wants to be summoned to court. Our goal as your process service company is to push for the best results and bring that feeling of justice and relief back to your everyday life. As Florida’s only process service company with 33 years employing licensed, registered, and bonded process servers, we’ve seen it all. Florida’s Defendants go to extreme measures to avoid legal papers, soSigned, Sealed, & Delivered hires only the hardest-working, most accomplished process servers, lawyers, investigators, and paralegals to complete your assignments quickly and effectively in any county statewide.

Don’t forget to request rush delivery in the case of a legal emergency; our Florida process servers remain ready in all countiesOur process service company has six offices spread across Florida, so we’re ready to serve any county and town immediately. No process service company is faster, especially in Leon, Duval, Orange, Palm, Broward, and Miami-Dade counties. Process servers at Signed, Sealed, & Delivered serves all 67 Florida counties.


Serving subpoenas feels great because the receiver now has a duty to respond. Our team of licensed, registered, and bonded Florida process servers is at your service (including weekends and holidays). 33 years as legal process servers guarantees unmatched professionalism compared to any other process service company in Florida. Once your official court orders have been delivered, the authority of the court and judge create a limited time frame for the defendant. If the person or business entity fails to respond, they’ll risk civil contempt which is a minimum fine of $500. Call on our process service company to make progress in your case today.

How to Hire Florida Subpoena Preparers and Process Servers

Get Started Serving and Preparing Subpoenas in Florida Now

As a One-Time User

To request a one-time Florida subpoena assignment, these are the steps:

Process Service Tip: For a small fee, we can file your proof of service with any courthouse; just mention it during your process service request.

Step 1 – Complete the short process service request forms here:

Step 2 – You will receive an invoice by email, and we’ll begin your work once it’s paid.

Step 3 – We serve your legal documents fast and notify you online about completion.

Step 4 – Your downloadable Proof of Service is available in our online portal and easy to access.

Reminder: If you’d like us to file your Proof of Service formally (for a small fee), please ask during Step 1.

To Arrange Multiple Assignments as an Attorney, Law Firm, Insurance Company, or Business Organization

If you would like to become a client and use us on a regular basis, these are the steps:

Step 1 – Register an account with Signed, Sealed, & Delivered, and we’ll set you up with a username and password for instant access to our online portal. A bill will be sent according to the arrangements. To create an account with us, visit this link:

Step 2 – Upload any necessary documents to the online portal for us to work with them.

Step 3 – We will serve your documents ahead of any deadlines, taking full advantage of weekends and holidays until the service is complete.

Step 4 – The best part is the proof of service. You can download a copy directly from the online portal, or we can file it formally with the courts for you (there is a small fee).

Submit your Florida subpoena service request now for immediate legal support.

Serving legal papers is just one part of a grand legal process where we know the best practices no matter how the defendant responds to the subpoena at various stages. Whether they accept the papers, hide, or no-show at the court date, we know what next steps are available to you. Best of all, we’re prepared with the paperwork to keep your case on course today.

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